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JP-H06267486-A: Charged electron beam device patent, JP-H06267712-A: バリスタの選別方法 patent, JP-H06267814-A: 経時変化補正機能付き装置 patent, JP-H06269107-A: Gas-insulated switchgear patent, JP-H06269598-A: Futon or bedding drying device patent, JP-H06269899-A: Method for housing core patent, JP-H06270326-A: Production of membrane organic composite steel panel excellent in close paint adhesiveness patent, JP-H06270371-A: Decorative laminate and curved-face decorative laminated material patent, JP-H06272778-A: 可変コンダクタンスバルブ patent, JP-H06272903-A: Outdoor device of air conditioner patent, JP-H06274181-A: 車両の振動低減装置 patent, JP-H06274426-A: 遠隔コンソール中継装置 patent, JP-H06275450-A: Coil part patent, JP-H06275969-A: フレキシブルプリント基板の固定方法 patent, JP-H06276609-A: Electric drive system patent, JP-H06276876-A: Raising system for experimental animal patent, JP-H06278571-A: 車両用シート patent, JP-H06278725-A: Inspecting device for liquid packed article patent, JP-H06279100-A: 靭性のすぐれた酸化アルミニウム基セラミックス patent, JP-H06279499-A: Antiviral antibiotic bu-4724 v and its preparation patent, JP-H06279832-A: 回転炉床型加熱炉のビレット反転装置 patent, JP-H06280036-A: Surface treating device patent, JP-H06280403-A: Water spray equipment patent, JP-H06280563-A: エンジンの冷却水温度制御方法及び装置 patent, JP-H06280682-A: 水噴射装置 patent, JP-H06280702-A: Intake silencer device for internal combustion engine patent, JP-H06281714-A: 透磁率測定方法及び検出治具 patent, JP-H06282217-A: 学習装置 patent, JP-H06282251-A: カラー画像表示装置 patent, JP-H06282717-A: Enter/leave managing device patent, JP-H06282838-A: Magnetic tape patent, JP-H0628412-A: 電子ファイリングシステム patent, JP-H06284366-A: Magnetic recording and reproducing device patent, JP-H06284605-A: Power supply patent, JP-H06285016-A: 血管内視鏡装置 patent, JP-H06286387-A: Fixing method of ink wick patent, JP-H06287469-A: 溶液型塗料組成物 patent, JP-H06287724-A: Method for stress relieving annealing of aluminum alloy substrate and spacer patent, JP-H06287816-A: セラミック繊維ヤーン patent, JP-H06287844-A: 丸編機における繊維屑などの吸塵・排出装置およびそれを利用した編成部品冷却装置 patent, JP-H06288269-A: 回転電機を備えたターボチャージャ付エンジンの排気還流制御装置 patent, JP-H06288290-A: Engine control device and air flow meter used therein patent, JP-H06289060-A: Current sensor patent, JP-H06290108-A: 情報処理装置のディスクキャッシュメモリ制御方法 patent, JP-H06290194-A: Sales data management system patent, JP-H06292125-A: Magnetic recording and reproducing device for color video signal and audio signal patent, JP-H06292146-A: テレビジョン信号処理回路 patent, JP-H0629343-A: Wire bonding device patent, JP-H06294113-A: Concrete block patent, JP-H06294554-A: Absorption refrigerating machine patent, JP-H06295199-A: Speech encoding device patent, JP-H06295256-A: Journal processing system patent, JP-H0629532-A: Mosfet及びその製造方法 patent, JP-H06295623-A: 発泡プラスチック絶縁電線 patent, JP-H0629570-A: Light-emitting element structure patent, JP-H06297000-A: ヘドロの固液分離装置 patent, JP-H06297246-A: ワイヤ放電加工機およびそのワイヤ張力制御方法 patent, JP-H06298172-A: Oil tanker patent, JP-H0629876-A: Receiver of area disaster prevention radio equipment patent, JP-H06300402-A: 自動製氷装置及び自動製氷装置用給水タンク patent, JP-H06300817-A: 電子機器診断装置 patent, JP-H06300996-A: 磁気光学ガーネットの製造方法 patent, JP-H06302049-A: Tape cassette information protecting system patent, JP-H06302317-A: Nonaqueous electrolyte battery patent, JP-H06302833-A: 圧力センサ patent, JP-H06302873-A: ジョセフソン接合の作製方法 patent, JP-H06303191-A: Channel skip control system of radio communication equipment patent, JP-H06303393-A: Picture reading method and device therefor patent, JP-H0630409-A: 端末装置 patent, JP-H06304150-A: 磁気共鳴映像のための磁石 patent, JP-H06304499-A: Coating applicator of processing oil for working plate fin patent, JP-H06304833-A: クランプ装置 patent, JP-H06304982-A: Composite cylinder and its manufacture patent, JP-H06305435-A: Front wheel active control device patent, JP-H06305509-A: Engine carrier facility patent, JP-H06306087-A: Optically active organosilicon compound patent, JP-H06306125-A: Silicone-modified nitrile rubber and composition thereof patent, JP-H06306500-A: 酸化反応の進行度の判定方法 patent, JP-H06306702-A: Glove for sweeping and cooking patent, JP-H06306956-A: Constructing method of body patent, JP-H06307341-A: 油圧式ダイアフラムポンプ patent, JP-H06307352-A: Liquid delivery pump patent, JP-H06307658-A: Heat accumulated floor heating panel patent, JP-H06308127-A: Measuring system for test element in sample by mass sensor method patent, JP-H06309717-A: 光磁気記録媒体の製造方法 patent, JP-H06310187-A: 電気接続箱のバスバー接続装置 patent, JP-H06310203-A: 電気自動車用チャージコネクタ patent, JP-H06310434-A: 光cvd装置 patent, JP-H06310497-A: 半導体素子の製造方法 patent, JP-H06311500-A: 復号装置 patent, JP-H06312313-A: Cutting and beveling machine for square column patent, JP-H06312374-A: Grinding wheel patent, JP-H06312418-A: 半可塑性体の切削方法 patent, JP-H06312954-A: Production of naphthalene polycarboxylic acid patent, JP-H06314604-A: 薄膜ハイブリッド抵抗製作方法 patent, JP-H06316496-A: 酸化物超電導材料の製造方法 patent, JP-H06316570-A: Thiobutyrolactone patent, JP-H06319465-A: Feed and its production patent, JP-H06320329-A: パイプカッタ patent, JP-H06320576-A: 光反射用樹脂製成形品及びその射出成形方法 patent, patent, patent, 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